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Cranberry Walker Insurance News

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Welcome to the brand-new Walker Cranberry Insurance News where you can find the latest happenings in the insurance world and stay informed with the finest insurance news.

Walker Cranberry takes pride in the cranberry.  So much so, we have decided to spread our love of the cranberry with the entire world.  Our “cranberry love” site is not only chocked full of informative information with the latest insurance new but is filled with interesting facts, recipes, and other tidbits related to “all things cranberry insurance.”

Each week, we will review a new and interesting piece of insurance news.  Our goal is to help you find the perfect answers to your insurance questions.  Need insurance information on an obscure or niche market? Walker Cranberry Insurance News is here to answer your tough questions.

We will also cook up some tasty cranberry recipes with our very own Chef Marco Carpon.  Who doesn’t love the perfect Cosmo? Chef Carpon tests your knowledge with his vast array of cranberry recipes and edible tidbits of information.

Chef Carpon hails from Chile where he was a beloved and renowed chef who became famous when he won the grand prize on the popular Chilean TV show ¿Asi Que Piensas Que Puedes Cocinar? with his versatile use of the cranberry.

He took his winnings and immediately began a restaurant dedicated to the cranberry, Carmesí.  

This award-winning restaurant continues to flourish in his hometown of Santiago.

He moved to Walker when the great drought of 1999 devastated the cranberry crops in Chile.  Rich with cranberry knowledge, he immediately felt at home in Walker and opened up the wildly popular restaurant Arándano Agrio.

Finally, we will share news about our beloved town of Walker in Cranberry County.  Our heritage is full of interesting stories from the past that we here in Walker love to share.  We may also include an article or two about the history of the cranberry and its importance to our nation.  For example, did you know that 98% of the world’s cranberries are produced in the United States, Canada, and Chile?

We hope to bring our passion and love of the cranberry and the insurance industry into your home this year.

So, sit back, pour a glass of our famous Walker Cranberry Juice, and read about the latest happenings in the insurance world…cranberry style.