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3 Ways To Tell You’re Officially an Adult


Knowing you’re when you’ve become an adult should be as easy as counting the number of candles on your last birthday cake. However, the nebulous line between adolescence and adulthood sometimes requires tangible proof that you have indeed made it over the threshold into adulthood. These are the top three ways you will know that you’re officially an adult.

Making Your Own Appointments

Calling up the doctor’s office to get a physical or scheduling regular dental cleanings are definitely not kid stuff. Brush up on that phone etiquette, have your insurance information handy, and take charge of your healthcare now that you’re all grown up.

Contributing to a Retirement Account

Young children believe in magic, but adults are confident in the wonder of compound interest. If you’ve started putting away money for your retirement, you’ve delayed gratification today for future returns. thus placing you firmly in the realm of adulthood.

Renting Your Own Apartment

Moving out of your house for school is a big step into your adult life, but actually signing a lease and renting a place all on your own makes it official. If you’ve also purchased your own renters insurance policy, that pretty much seals the deal.

Getting older and growing up are two distinct processes. Even if you still feel young, you’ll know you’re an adult by the sensible, mature things you do.