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4 Considerations When Choosing a Contractors Insurance Agency

top contractors insurance

The number of lawsuits against contractors has risen in recent years. To combat this, contractors now need to have insurance. However, you need top contractors insurance to ensure you avoid one of these contractor insurance specific problems.

Insurance Grade

When choosing an insurance company to go with, check their grade. Their grade or financial report card can tell you a lot about the company you plan to work with including if they risk going out of business. Some jobs require you to carry insurance of at least a “B” rating.


Not all policies cover your subcontractors. The subcontractor may not have insurance making you responsible for the costs. The insurance company may even add that sub to your policy causing your rates to rise.


No matter the insurance company, the policies come with exclusions. Make sure you understand what exclusions the policy you have or plan to obtain has. Additional coverage may be recommended to cover the additional risks.


Ideally, you want an agent or broker who understands the construction industry. The right professional can help you ensure you have the necessary coverage. Your business’ financial future may well depend on their sound judgement. Top contractors insurance meets these requirements and ensures you have adequate coverage. One lawsuit can financially ruin you or your small business.