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ADA Compliant Websites: Why Accessibility Matters

ada compliant websites

The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that people with disabilities are not discriminated against. It also mandates that equal opportunities are provided to those with disabilities. Equal opportunity includes both physical and digital spaces, making the importance of an ADA compliant website a priority of any organization.


People with disabilities should be able to navigate and understand the digital landscape, as well as be able to design and contribute to it. The first step in ADA compliance is to access. Companies should acknowledge the fact that access to information is a human right and take actionable steps to ensure their digital platforms are accessible to everyone.


Millions of people around the world have an impairment of some sort, including visual or auditory disabilities. When companies consider accessibility in website design and development, they design with disabled users in mind. Accessibility means that during the development of a company’s website, the design kept users with disabilities in mind.


Socially responsible businesses are implementing diversity and inclusion programs, and these initiatives should include people with diverse abilities as well. Reputation is very important to maintaining customer loyalty and an accessible digital presence can help elevate the company’s image as being inclusive. These initiatives can also help increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Since so much of our lives take place in digital spaces, it is crucial for companies to make sure their websites are ADA compliant and accessible to all.