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Bar Insurance Addresses Specific Risks of Operating a Bar

Bar Insurance

The bar is a place to socialize, celebrate and wind down after a long day. It also has the potential to be a place for fights, broken glasses, theft, and full-on shenanigans that can cause bar owners major headaches and real cash. Luckily, bar insurance policies can cover these specific concerns.

Operating a Bar Requires More Than Basic Coverage

Running a bar, compared to a retail store or gas station, comes with additional potential liabilities for the business owner. It’s rare to witness a fight at the local grocery store or liquor theft at the neighborhood diner, but it’s common at a bar. A restaurant isn’t liable if it serves a guest five glasses of milk and lets him drive home. On the other hand, a bar is potentially liable if it serves a patron five beers and lets him drive home. As a result of the specific risks associated with operating a bar, insurance companies offer specific bar insurance policies that cover special concerns such as liquor liability, assault and battery, and special events.

Bar Insurance Covers More Than Just Your Bar

A good bar insurance policy will include coverage for the property itself, but also coverage for assault or loss resulting from an intoxicated patron, employee crime and product liability. Source: The policy you choose should be tailor-made for your bar and address your specific concerns.

Owning a bar is a unique business venture. Make sure yours is protected above and beyond basic insurance with a specified bar insurance policy.