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Basic Insurance Coverage To Obtain as a Small Business Owner

American Team Managers Insurance

Small businesses are responsible for employing nearly all working Americans and account for close to half of all businesses operating in the US. Deciding to start a business comes with many decisions including what insurance you need. The team at American Team Managers Insurance Services is there to serve you as you start and grow a small business.

Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance provides coverage of the physical assets on the business’ property whether leased or owned. Theft, burst pipes, vandalism, fire, storms and explosions can damage property. The policy steps in and helps you recover.

General Liability

If someone is hurt or property is damaged at your place of business, a general liability insurance policy offers coverage for those situations. The insurance covers the costs of awarded judgments, settlements and court costs.

Workers Compensation

Most states require a workers compensation policy if there are any employees of the business. This covers the employee’s medical expenses and lost wages when they are hurt or fall ill while performing their work.

Commercial Auto

A commercial auto policy is essential if you transport goods or people in a vehicle. Relying on your personal auto policy when you get into an accident while on business can leave you footing the bill.
Insurance needs change as the business grows from start-up to employees to mid-size operation. Stay in contact with your agent at American Team Managers Insurance to make sure your risks and exposures are properly covered.”