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Comprehensive Protection for Medical Staffing Firms

medical staffing firm insurance

A staffing organization can be open to liability claims arising not only from the activities of its own employees but also from the actions of employees placed within a client company. Add in the increased exposure to risks in the healthcare field, and it is easy to understand the importance of effective medical staffing firm insurance and other insurance coverages.

Healthcare staffing companies provide both permanent and temporary placement of physical therapists, nurses and medical technicians to healthcare facilities. As such, they often enter into a co-employment contract, making them equally as responsible for those employees as the client company.

Cover All the Bases

An experienced broker can access a line of medical staffing firm insurance tailored to fit the needs and scope of your organization. Every package is likely to include the following:

General liability insurance protects a firm from damages or injuries to third parties that occur at the business location or, in the event of a co-employment contract, at the location of the client company.

Professional liability protects against claims of medical malpractice due to a mistake or negligence by an employee.

Workers compensation provides a financial backstop for both the firm and an employee in the event of a work-related illness or injury.

Directors and officers insurance protects company officers or board members from claims of mismanagement or negligence.

Employment practices liability protects a firm against employee claims such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination.

Why trust your medical staffing firm insurance to anyone less than an experienced broker? Save money and cover all the bases with a customized coverage package.