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Does Your Business Need Extra Insurance Beyond General Liability?

D&G Sayles Insurance

D&G Sayles Insurance states that regardless of how much profit your business makes or doesn’t make, insurance can help reduce costs and pain in the event of a lawsuit. Since you never know when one may come, your business needs the right insurance policies to cover the risks. Beyond the basics, learning the differences between umbrella vs excess can help your business have the right coverage.


Umbrella insurance is a type of excess insurance that covers items not covered by general liability insurance. The broader coverage goes beyond the standard to protect your business for non-covered items. Flexibility in the insurance coverage can step in when you need it most.


A dire situation can put a death knell in your business, but with excess insurance, you may be able to prevent that from happening. The insurance pays for excess damages beyond the core policy for items such as natural disasters. The higher limits can help prevent a catastrophic loss. Not all businesses may need extra insurance.
Knowing the differences between umbrella vs excess insurance can help you decide what you need. The extra insurance can help bring you peace of mind when something big happens. The investment in your business may be the easiest decision you make today.