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Ensuring Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Personal Protective Equipment

Many industries need their workforce to wear personal protective equipment when they’re on the job. Some workers are required by law or OSHA guidelines to wear protective equipment for certain tasks.

Create Staff Awareness

Orientation isn’t the only time that you should tell staff to wear required equipment. Reinforce the importance of personal protective equipment to your workforce in ongoing training and awareness initiatives. Use every possible opportunity to make sure that you get the word across effectively:

  •       Employee handbooks and written policies
  •       Safety posters
  •       Staff meetings

Delegate Safety Supervisory Responsibilities

It may be beneficial to assign key staff members to monitor staff’s use of personal protective equipment. If they observe that employees aren’t wearing their PPE, they can tell employees to put on whatever piece of equipment they’re missing and provide coaching and counseling about why it’s necessary.

Provide Equipment for Staff

While it may seem cost-effective to require that staff provide their own PPE, it may be logistically preferable to provide it for them. Consistent utilization of key PPE can help prevent serious accidents or that could result in employee absences, workers compensation claims, or short term disability claims.

Vital personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks need to be a high priority in many different types of workplaces. Ongoing initiatives to ensure that staff has adequate equipment can help keep your workforce safe and productive.