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Four Key Coverage For Contractors

As a contractor, your job comes with risks to yourself, clients and team. To protect against these risks, you should ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage prior to taking on a project. While there are many options to choose from, the four covered below are key pieces to the rest of your policy.

General Liability: If a third party were to sustain an injury or property damage because of your project and files a lawsuit, your general liability coverage would make funds available to pay for your legal fees and any damages you may owe.

Pollution Liability: You may find it included with general liability, but pollution liability covers specific instances where pollution from your project leads to a third party’s injury or property damage.

Professional Liability: If you’re also going to be doing any designing then you’ll need professional liability coverage in case your client isn’t satisfied with your output or you committed an error in the design that led to a construction flaw.

Builder’s Risk Insurance: As explained on, if your equipment and previously completed work are damaged or lost while the project is ongoing by a storm, fire or other covered peril, your policy would cover the cost to repair and replace the affected items.
Several other coverages that go into creating a well-rounded construction insurance policy. Work with an experienced agent to ensure that what you do create fully meets your needs.