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Getting the Right Employee Insurance Coverage

Merrimac Marine Insurance

When you are hiring employees, make sure you have the right insurance policies as well as the right people. You want to protect your employees, certainly, but you also want to safeguard yourself financially. There are two specific types of employee insurance coverage.

On Land

Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. These policies cover the costs of medical care and some of the lost wages for an employee injured on the job, no matter who is judged to be at fault for the accident. Some states demand employers also carry disability insurance. This coverage replaces a specific percentage of income if employees cannot earn a living after an injury.

On Sea

As a business owner, if you have employees working on or near navigable bodies of water, workers’ compensation insurance is not enough. The United States Longshore & Harbor Act requires that employers with maritime employees fill coverage gaps with USL&H coverage.

  • Marine contractors
  • Ship repairers
  • Dock builders

The experts at Merrimac Marine Insurance explain this type of policy also compensates employees who are loading and unloading vessels. Companies face large fines if they do not offer the right coverage.

Taking care of employees is part of the responsibility of running a business. The right insurance coverage is imperative to compensate employees and the business as well as to avoid fines. Having adequate employee insurance is simply good business.