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Health Benefits of CBD

cbd oil benefits list

The extensive benefits of cbd has been researched thoroughly in the last few years. A comprehensive cbd oil benefits list would most likely span several pages, but here are five of the most common benefits of cbd oil.

Pain Relief

Getting relief from pain is the most well-known, and also most documented, benefit of cbd. Some studies suggest that cbd has an impact on the brain’s receptors, and helps to improve your body’s pain management system. Another common pain relief benefit is reduced inflammation, which allows for increased joint mobility.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Low levels of serotonin have been tied to cases of stress and anxiety, and cbd may boost serotonin levels by giving signals to your brain’s serotonin receptors.

Anti-seizure treatment

Seizures occur when there is a sudden change or spike in brain activity, and cbd has been proven to have an impact on the brain’s receptors which can dramatically reduce and lessen the occurrence of seizures.

Improve Insomnia

Similar to how the cbd oil reduces stress and anxiety, cbd interacts with the brain’s receptors to aid in helping people fall asleep more easily.

Fight Cancer

Although it’s a more recent addition to the cbd oil benefits list, studies are now showing that cbd has an anti-tumor effect, and can slow or even eliminate the growth of tumors in the body.