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How Surveillance Benefits Marinas

The use of video cameras can be a big advantage to a marina. Individual slip owners or renters also benefit when a marina has video surveillance as a part of its security system. Here are some reasons why security cameras can serve marinas and their patrons well.

Cameras Typically Have a Deterrent Effect

Visible cameras in addition to signage indicating that cameras are in use may dissuade people from trespassing, vandalism, or theft. Likewise, people who have the right to be on the premises such as slip owners may be more likely to comply with rules about safety.

Identify How Damage Occurred

Marina surveillance can give managers and vessel owners conclusive information about how damage occurred to vessels or dock structures. This information may be helpful in preventing similar types of damage from reoccurring.

Enhance the Premises Cost Effectively

Advanced camera systems are a lot more affordable than they used to be. Wireless cameras and cloud storage enable operators to capture footage with excellent resolution, even when a system records the footage at night. Having this feature on the property may add to its appeal with prospective slip renters or boost rental values.

If a marina already has a system in place that needs expansion, they should prioritize addressing nonworking elements. They should work with an experienced surveillance technology service provider.