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How to Keep Special Events Safe

special events like the state fair need insurance coverage

Perhaps the single best thing about summer is all the special events that are available. From outdoor movies in the park to bustling county fairs and everything in between, summer is a mecca of celebratory special events. Given some of the recent public tragedies making headlines around the country, people are starting to figure out how they can make their special events as safe as possible. Below are three ways to help improve safety measures at special events. 


More and more special events are starting to hire security staff. While this could add significant cost to event operations (depending on the size of the event), hiring festival security companies can provide incredible ease of mind and help attendees feel safe so they can relax and enjoy the event thoroughly.

Safety Training

It’s not realistic to provide safety training to all attendees, as most events are open to the public and don’t require advance registration. However, it is very possible to provide safety training to all vendors, event staff and volunteers. Even just one hour of required safety training can make a big difference in the event of an emergency.

Advanced Planning

The more advanced safety planning that is done in advance, the better. Having evacuation routes posted, first aid kits stalked and walkie talkies charged are all examples of great advance planning.


While keeping special events safe is not easy, it is incredibly important to know all of the components of safety. The most safe you can be in this event is to be covered by insurance. Specialty insurance providers can offer a unique blend of cost-effectiveness and risk aversion to make sure your event is a smashing success.