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How To Prepare a Yacht Storm Plan

If you sail your vessel in hurricane-prone areas, you need to prepare for possible storms. There are many considerations to address regarding your yacht storm plan.

Prepare Before a Storm

Create a comprehensive strategy in advance.

  • Understand your insurance coverage. Contact your agent to discuss which protections your policy provides and which it excludes regarding hurricanes.
  • Know the required course of action. There may be specific steps you must follow to validate claims.
  • Learn what requirements your marina’s insurance dictates as well. Some policies require you to haul your boat before the storm.
  • Coordinate in advance where you will store your boat.
  • Secure all legal documents.
  • Have the necessary emergency equipment and ensure all elements are functional.
  • Detail your boat’s inventory with a video camera.
  • Make a list of items you must remove before a storm.

Enact Your Yacht Storm Plan During a Watch

When there is an active hurricane watch, take the following steps:

  • Monitor storm status updates.
  • Ensure the rigging is strong for anchored yachts.
  • Equip docked yachts with more lines to handle high water levels.
  • Leave your vessel once you have properly secured it.

Inspect Your Yacht After a Storm

When the hurricane has passed, take steps to protect your craft and prevent potential problems:

  • Examine your boat for any damage.
  • Contact your insurance agent.
  • Take photos of elements that require repair.
  • Detail the affected areas of your yacht to include in your insurance claim.

Taking the time to create a detailed plan for possible storms reduces your risks and minimizes the potential for damage.