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Ice-Related Vehicle Accidents: Understanding Your Coverage

Ice-Related Vehicle Accidents

Sliding on ice can be a scary experience for any driver, and is a frequent cause of accidents. In these instances, you may find yourself wondering what your insurance will cover. Different types of insurance are likely to cover different needs in these situations, depending on your level of coverage.

Injury Coverage

Injuries sustained by yourself or another party, whether they are a pedestrian or in a vehicle, should fall under bodily injury liability coverage. Personal injury protection or medical coverage may also cover some costs, including rehabilitation and lost income.

Tow Coverage

Sliding on ice may lead to a need for your vehicle to be towed. Coverage for these expenses would fall under your car insurance policy.

Vehicle Damage Coverage

Collision coverage can help cover the costs of damage sustained to your vehicle in the accident. If there is damage to another vehicle, another person’s private property, or state property like a road sign, these costs would fall under your property damage liability coverage.

Sliding on ice in your vehicle can be frightening, and dealing with injury and damage from a resulting accident can feel overwhelming. By understanding your coverage you can feel secure in knowing what protections you have in place in case of this type of accident.