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Ideas for a Commercial Laundry Facility

commercial laundry business ideas

If you’re considering getting into the professional cleaning industry, have you considered commercial laundry? If you’re thinking about that shady little dry cleaner’s behind the bar, think again. Commercial laundry goes beyond dry cleaning, there are other commercial laundry business ideas.

Wedding Linens

You could promote your business at wedding venues and expos all year round. Someone needs to wash those expensive rented tablecloths and napkins, why not you?


Heaven knows there’s no shortage of laundry to be done in hotels. Sheets, blankets, towels and everything in between leaves a commercial launderer a very busy individual.


Crisp, sterile linens are a must at healthcare facilities. Some commercial laundry facilities take extra care to do these kinds of linens because they tend to be messier than other places might be.

Shops and Garages

Coveralls are the working man (and woman)’s uniform, and they tend to get greasy and dirty in a hurry. Special machinery is required for grease and auto fluid, and not everyone has it available to them.

There are so many commercial laundry business ideas aside from a small dry cleaning shop. Getting into the industry means that you will have a niche that not everyone has, so there’s a good chance that you will be a sought-after commodity.