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Include These Items in Your Group Benefits Plans

group medical services dental claims

Attracting quality employees is more than simply offering higher pay than somewhere else. More employees value the benefits package as much or more than the salary. Consider including these items in your benefits package.


Group health insurance has been a hot topic since at least 2010 with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. With that in mind, employees want a health plan that allows them to seek preventative care and treat other health concerns without dwindling their savings.


Allowing employees to send in group medical services dental claims helps them receive the dental work they need, according to Arroyo. Depending on whether the business opted for a PPO or HMO, employees can choose their dentist among available in-network providers. Some plans even offer coverage for items such as braces.


Many benefits packages are including life insurance for employees and potentially their spouses. These policies can help employees feel secure about their families covering things like funeral expenses upon their passing.


Life happens but offering a short-term disability plan helps employees take care of their family when something happens. These policies often help cover maternity leave so that mothers can spend time with their newborns before returning to work without worrying about finances.

These are only a few benefits that businesses can offer to help retain or acquire top talent. Review your plans to make sure they align with your business goals.