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Insurance Options for Private Investigators

Private investigators are susceptible to many legal risks in their line of work. Performing background checks and investigating insurance claims can seem innocent enough but to the unhappy person being investigated, this can feel like an invasion of their privacy.

General Liability Insurance for Private Investigators

The PI must invest in a sound liability insurance policy. Private investigator insurance coverages can vary, but most start with a general liability package to cover bodily injury and property damage caused by their work. It also helps pay the legal expenses and court costs.

Additional Liability Protection

It’s important to discuss your concerns with your insurance agent so that you get the right coverage for your unique situation. Additional coverage can be added for such things as:

  • Errors and Omissions: Also called professional liability insurance, this coverage protects you if you have made a mistake that results in injuries or financial damages.
  • Invasion of Privacy: This policy covers you from the risks involved in sensitive investigations.
  • Concealed Weapons/Firearms: If you need to carry a firearm for self-defense purposes, concealed weapons insurance provides the liability and legal defense protection you need.
  • Assault and Battery: Physical encounters can take place during security operations. This plan protects you if another person is injured during an altercation.

Protect your business with a sound private investigator’s liability insurance policy.