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Insure Your Convenience Store Against These Three Security Risks

Convenient store insurance

Theft by employees and third-parties are a serious concern for many convenience store owners. The financial losses associated can be devastating for the business’ bottom line. Convenient store insurance can help you mitigate costs associated with a lawsuit while you handle these top security risks.

Merchandise Theft

Shoplifting is a common theft for customers walking into the store. Many items are small and easily fit into pockets or bags carried in. Making eye contact and greeting customers can help curtail merchandise theft.


Robbery is a security threat facing most convenience stores as they are seen as easy targets. Cash volumes are often high and sometimes employees fail to secure the case. Ensure your staff understands the safety protocol during and after a robbery to help lower the risk of a violent crime.

Employee Embezzlement

Unfortunately, employees are often the number one security risk for convenience stores. Employees are often unwilling to rat out their fellow co-workers except during an investigation. Educate and put in place clear anti-embezzlement policies with an anonymous way to report suspicious activity.

Protect your investment with safety protocols to enhance security in your store and comprehensive convenience store insurance. Lawsuits and theft can negatively impact the financial assets of your store. Be ready to handle both with these few tips.