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Is USLH Required?

Running a business that operates near large bodies of water can bring about very specific requirements when it comes to insurance. In order for you to protect your employees and your company assets, you need to give yourself time to understand whether or not you require USLH insurance. This type of coverage is also referred to as the United States Longshore & Harbor Act and it applies to a number of businesses operating near the water.

Types of Businesses

As reported by the professionals at, there are a number of considerations to take when examining this type of coverage. According to the United States Longshore & Harbor Act, businesses that need to take out this kind of insurance include:

Yacht clubs
Boat dealers
Marine manufacturers

This type of policy protects you and your workers from the unknown. Working near a body of water can bring about unique risks and challenges for employees. By taking out a policy that helps protect your team, you are doing your part to minimize the amount of damage that is done.
To protect your business, you absolutely need to take time to think about which coverage options help to keep your assets safe and sound. Learn more about your options with USLH insurance to see if it is the right fit for your company.