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Keeping the You Know What From Hitting the Fan

Millions of Americans rely on properly working septic systems to handle essential business on a daily basis. Functional systems that are free of installation, design or maintenance problems are important, and so your clients depend on you to deliver the products according to plan. Your septic tank installation business like many others needs the right insurance coverages to address operational risks, from general liability to workers’ compensation. Your company also needs tailored products that are specific to your risks. Do you have a septic tank insurance plan?

Why Do I Need Septic Tank Insurance?

As a company that installs septic tanks, you have to consider these particular risks to your work product:

  • Pollution
  • Hazardous equipment or tools
  • Mold, bacteria and other contamination
  • Risks to pets and small children

Other types of insurance products may not be sufficient to address these particular issues as they relate to septic tank jobs. You owe it to your business to protect its financial health with specific insurance coverage.

What Else Should I Know?

When it comes to providing insurance, not all companies are created equal. It is critical to find an insurer that has a demonstrated track record in assisting septic tank installers with finding tailored protection. Don’t leave your business up to chance. Find an insurer who can tend to all your needs, not just the typical coverages that are applicable to most types of operations.