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Key Elements of COC Insurance

COC Insurance

The construction industry is one of many that often experience unexpected setbacks or circumstances. Construction general liability is vital for protecting your project from potentially harmful financial impacts. Additionally, Course of Construction insurance or COC is just as crucial to safeguarding your project’s on-site elements, and here’s why.

What it Covers

Natural disasters can leave behind a wake of damage and destruction. Thankfully, a COC policy covers expenses incurred due to unexpected weather and flooding. This insurance coverage also provides financial relief for the removal and demolition of any damaged structures.

Insured Risks

Often, there is a level of risk associated with daily living and interactions. However, COC insurance offers coverage for many of the unforeseen risks typical to construction. Some of these covered risks include:

  • Fire
  • Lighting
  • Explosions
  • Windstorms
  • Burglary

Additional Details

Having a Course of Construction policy is helpful for any new construction project, remodel or rehab work. This coverage is also available for multiple site projects, and policy cost varies by your claims history, additional risk factors and deductibles.

COC insurance is vital to your construction project’s success because it offers protection against many potential risks. Yet, it is not a catchall, and you may benefit from combing your COC policy with other coverage to protect your assets even further.