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Liabilities for a Bar Business

Bar Business

Opening a bar is an exciting endeavor. As with any business, you’ll want a general liability policy and a property policy. However, these policies won’t necessarily cover other circumstances that may arise from operating a bar. 

Because you are in the business of serving alcohol, your bar liability comes with unique coverage needs. Anything relating to the sale of alcohol will be excluded from your general liability coverage.

Unique Coverage Needs

It’s a problem if you continue to serve alcohol to someone who has already had too many drinks. Your problem becomes even greater if that person goes out in public and causes harm to another person. The liability could come back on you. The most common situation is drunk driving.

Another issue that can arise from serving alcohol is serving it to minors. In many states, you can be held liable for serving alcohol to a person who is under the age of 21. 

Liquor Liability Insurance

A  policy to cover bar liability would be liquor liability insurance. With this additional policy, you could receive financial support and help in defending claims against you.

Any business you operate will have unique needs and will require customized coverage. Make sure your business is covered before you open your doors for business.