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Protect Your Company Against Contractor Mistakes

Independent contractors are a huge part of the construction industry, and most of the time, they do great work. Hiring talented firms with specialized skills means getting higher quality work overall. That’s why the industry works this way. At the same time, mistakes by individual contractors working for you can expose you to financial liability from client claims, which is why it’s important to have the right kinds of independent contractor insurance for your construction company.

Coverage for Contracted Vehicles

When you hire out fleet work to another company or a team of independent drivers, you need to make sure you have coverage against accidents that happen while they work on your behalf. Even if the accident is not the fault of the driver, you can be exposed to liability for the damages under the wrong circumstances. Independent contractor auto insurance protects you by providing financial support when you pay or defend yourself against claims related to incidents involving contractors who drive their own commercial vehicles on your behalf.

Policies for Contractors

On top of the coverage you carry to protect your business, the people who work for you need to make sure they are protected. As you review your options for contractors on your next job, make sure you specify they cover their own commercial vehicles robustly, so your policies are less likely to be necessary.