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Protection for Hospice Care Facilities

professional liability insurance for hospice

Hospice facilities offer services to patients and their families during end-of-life care. The level of care and responsibility necessary when tending to terminally ill patients is high, and professional liability insurance for hospice is critical.

Who Does Hospice Liability to Cover?

When researching professional liability, hospice facilities need to look for policies that can protect both the facility and its employees.

While each facility is different, there can be multiple members of the hospice team interacting with clients, including:

Nursing Assistants
Physical therapists
Social workers

Any hospice team member involved in patient care is at risk of being held liable for the injuries, accidents or deaths of patients.

What Types of Liability Insurance Exist?

Professional liability insurance for hospice facilities can be as broad or as specific as a company needs.

The types of insurance offered can include:

General liability for non-medical lawsuits like slips or falls
Professional liability for medical-related incidents like incorrect medications or treatments
Commercial auto liability for company vehicles used for patient travel
Employment liability for employee claims like harassment or wrongful termination
Cyber liability for protection in case of facility data breaches

Hospice care has advanced within the medical field, and as it becomes more popular, facilities need to be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their employees.