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Recipes from Chef Marco Carpon

Five Delectable Uses for Fresh Cranberries

The only time many people see fresh cranberries is on a wreath at Thanksgiving. However, fresh cranberries are so versatile and pack so much flavor that they are perfect in foods that need a little sour “punch.”


Throw a new twist on this sweet dessert with a handful of cranberries thrown in to give some sour balance to all that sweet ice cream.


For a healthier version on the milkshake, substitute ice for ice cream, add a banana, apple, or any other fruit for sweetness. Then, add a handful of cranberries for a sour one, two punch!


My abuela made cranberry cookies every year at Christmas. These cookies are a must have at our home around the holidays.


Another abuela favorite was to muddle some cranberries into her favorite cranberry flavored Vodka, add some simple syrup, grenadine, sparkling water, and ice. For the mocktail version, substitute lemon/lime soda for the Vodka.


Cut cranberries in half before adding to your favorite stuffing recipe. The extra flavor will be remembered for years to come and will be sure to become a family tradition.

By Chef Marco Carpon

Chef Marco Carpon is a Walker Cranberry based author, speaker, cranberry historian, and founder of the Walker Cranberry Culinary Academy. His vast knowledge of “everything cranberry” brings life to the often-overlooked member of the berry family. He has gained a world-wide following with his extensive writings on Walker County and the Cranberry.