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Risks of the Hospitality Industry: How Protected Is Your Hotel?

Working in the hospitality industry comes with its share of rewards but it takes hard work, dedication and a positive attitude to make it. If you own or manage a hotel or resort, you already have what it takes. All you need is reassurance that your business won’t be taken down by an outside threat.

Here are two of the biggest risks to the hospitality industry and why you need to have comprehensive hospitality insurance.

Intoxicated Guests

If your hotel or resort serves alcohol, then liquor liability coverage should be included in your hospitality policies. If someone drinks too much on your property and gets into a fight or accident, your hotel might be held liable.

Cyber Threats

In the digital age, cyber threats are a risk to all businesses. If your guest’s data ended up in the wrong hands, it could lead to devastating consequences for your guests and for your hotel. Not only does it damage your reputation and cost you money, but if a criminal steals a guest’s identity or bank information, you could be held liable.

When it comes to running a smooth operation from your hotel or resort, you do not need to be worried about how an accident or theft could devastate your business. Insurance policies can give you peace of mind to work on other aspects of the business.