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Should You Get PWC Insurance?

PWC Insurance

A personal watercraft is a vessel that riders sit, stand or kneel on rather than inside. Homeowner policies typically do not cover these types of recreational crafts.

PWC insurance coverages mitigate risks associated with personal watercraft. A policy of this type protects against events such as vandalism, injuries or theft.

What Does This Insurance Cover?

PWC policies cover expenses resulting from accidents involving your WaveRunner, Sea-Doo or Jet Ski. Typically, plans provide liability coverage for both you and those who borrow your watercraft. This insurance covers things such as:

  • Property damage
    • Towing assistance when your craft breaks down
    • Physical damage from various causes, such as fire or collision
    • Theft or vandalism
  • Bodily injury
    • Injury or death caused by your negligence
    • Injuries you sustain from an uninsured boater
    • Medical expenses stemming from mishaps

Do You Need a PWC Policy?

Because jet skis and other recreational vessels are easy and fun to use, you may forget they can also be dangerous. Injuries are common when riding recreational watercraft, and it is best to have the proper coverages in place to protect you from unplanned situations. These vehicles are also a financial investment you will want to safeguard.

To fully enjoy your watercraft’s benefits, be prepared with PWC insurance coverages that reduce the risks of costly situations like accidents and injuries. Consult with an experienced agent to determine which policy is best for your needs.