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Staffing Firm Hiring Strategies for Effective Risk Management

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Strategies for risk management staffing agency hiring personnel can help with all other areas of
risk management. By incorporating a few tips right from the start, the firm can reduce risk
throughout the agency. Here are a few hiring tips to get started.


As seen on, a firm allows for future liability when they fail to properly
screen and vet employees. This starts before an employee is hired. The hiring manager should
follow a comprehensive vetting process, verify employment history and ensure protocols for drug
screening is followed.


Consider diversifying how you recruit new employees. By relying on the same methods, you may
inadvertently add risk to the staffing firm. The same types of people are going to apply with the
same job description preventing the firm from overcoming inherent biases.


When interviewing candidates for a position, avoid going based solely on the best resume, most
passion displayed or the most obvious profile. Consider looking at the market for similar positions
to find well-qualified candidates. Too much commitment in the interview may not translate to the
workplace. The best resume does not highlight all the traits a candidate may have.
These risk management staffing agency strategies can help your firm look beyond the expected.
The firm may rise above with a diversified candidate sampling rather than the past standard.