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Survive the Auditing Process with Worksheets

workers compensation audit worksheets

Audits are one thing all business owners dread. It’s stressful and frustrating to gather all the documents together for the auditor. However, workers compensation audit worksheets make the process easier for you and the auditor.

What The Auditor Wants

At your annual review of your workers compensation plan, your actual premium is checked against the original premium.During this process, the auditor often needs to see a large quantity of information, including the following:

  • Classification codes for the business
  • Contact information for the company
  • Employee names and positions
  • Names of all partners and executives
  • Business operation notes and information

How The Worksheet Helps

To make the process a little easier, the worksheet can help you stay on track and guide you through the various steps before, during and after the auditor’s visit. The following is a short list of some things the worksheet guides you through:

  • Setting up an appointment with the auditor
  • Gathering all payroll information for exact numbers
  • Providing the auditor with a workspace
  • Providing all necessary tax and payroll documents, including overtime
  • Requesting a copy of the auditor’s own worksheet for your records
  • Carefully reviewing the auditor’s statement

Let The Worksheet Guide You

An insurance audit can be stressful, but workers compensation audit worksheets can help. You can use these documents to make the process as smooth and painless as possible, so you can get back to business as usual.