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The Need for PLI


Business ownership brings many risks, leaving businesses exposed to the devastating financial impact of a lawsuit and angry patron or guest. Through PLI, there is a way to minimize potential risks and give business owners the time to focus on the important aspects of running a business.

Understanding PLI

PLI, or public liability insurance, it the financial protection a business needs against lawsuits and claims that come from members of the public. If an incident has occurred on your business property that has caused damage, injury, or loss to a third party, your company can be held liable. For example, if someone was walking through a warehouse, trips over an air hose, and sprains their ankle, your company may be held responsible for paying for medical attention and any other damages the injured party claims in court.

Knowing the Details

Carefully look at your plan for coverage inclusions and exclusions, though a majority of plans include the primary property locations and extensions such as a parking lot. Coverage may also include property damage that may occur because of the business property, such as a falling sign or service work that breaks something.

The protection that comes from comprehensive can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your will be covered in the event of a lawsuit and with the costs associated with the liability incident.