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Tips for Controlling Common Restaurant Risks

There are myriad risks associated with operating a restaurant. These include accidents in the kitchen and dining areas, illnesses from food poisoning, and the threat of security leaks when dealing with customers’ personal and financial information. However, you can take action to minimize these risks. Use these tips to get started.

Develop a Training Program

All employees should receive training on workplace safety topics, regardless of their position. At the least, they should be made aware of potential risks, safety procedures, and proper PPE use. Everyone should also understand the process for reporting and responding to an accident should one occur.

Monitor Work and Compliance

Once everyone knows what to do and when to do it, make sure they follow through. Implement a monitoring process that holds staff accountable for their actions. Logs to record temperatures and on-site supervision are excellent examples of these types of controls.

Lead by Example

Having a well-trained staff will only go so far if you aren’t willing to promote safety yourself. Lead your staff by example by making sure to always follow safety protocols and ensuring that all equipment is in good working order.

Taking the first steps toward implementing a restaurant risk management plan is often the hardest part.  Providing proper training, supervision, and monitoring of staff and personally following safety protocols will help make it easier.