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Tips for Writing an HOA Guest Policy

HOA Guest Policy

When neighbors are constantly renting out their homes to strangers, a homeowners association can feel pressure to update their bylaws to eliminate the behavior. If you are part of a committee tasked with writing an HOA guest policy, here are two decisions to consider.

Set a Limit on Rentals

Decide what percentage of homes in the neighborhood you are comfortable with being occupied by full-time renters. Some HOAs do not allow the renting of any homes, while some set a limit on the number of rentals allowed. You can always include a hardship clause that allows exceptions in the event that a homeowner truly needs extra income.

Take a Stance on Vacation Homes

Many people have discovered they can make extra money by renting out their homes for short periods by using one of the many new online booking services. If no one in the HOA has strong feelings against the practice as a whole, decide how many days per year a home may be occupied by someone other than the owner.

Most laws and regulations come about in response to an action that no one wants to see repeated. If your HOA wants to put an end to seeing strangers in the community, draft some reasonable regulations so that everyone knows what is expected.