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Volunteer Insurance for Your Nonprofit

Volunteer Insurance

A nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to achieve its mission serves its community in two ways; one is by advancing its core mission and the other is by empowering individuals with the opportunity to get involved and contribute. A strong volunteer force is reflective of an organization doing critical work that really matters to people. It’s vitally important to safeguard your nonprofit’s volunteer activities and to ensure that these essential safeguards are extended to the volunteers themselves.

Understanding Volunteer Insurance Components

When you’re considering what is volunteer insurance and why does your organization needs it, it’s important to consider that there’s more than one component to comprehensive insurance that covers volunteers’ activities. According to, one facet of volunteer insurance addresses liability to volunteers. In other words, it provides indemnity against claims made by volunteers against your organization. The other addresses liability coverage related to your volunteers’ activities made by third parties against your organization or its volunteers.

Assessing Your Organization’s Needs

Your organization greatly values the contributions of its volunteers, and you want to make sure that your policies adequately consider their efforts. When your team is making insurance elections, you have to evaluate whether your endorsements will adequately cover your volunteers’ activities as well as whether potential claims made by individual volunteers would be fully covered within the scope of your existing coverage lines.