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Why Teachers Should Purchase Liability Insurance

In the United States, there are currently 3.7 million teachers, and that number is only growing. Like many other professions, educators are constantly at risk of being involved in lawsuits. They may be responsible for dozens of students at a time, and any parent could bring a suit. A teacher liability insurance policy can safeguard professionals in education from such legal action.

Broad Coverage

Liability insurance for educators provides protection against a wide range of allegations such as abuse, discrimination, violation of rights, and failure to educate. Children can be unpredictable. While the majority of teachers have their students’ best interests in mind, some accidents are impossible to prevent.

Individual Protection

Though many school districts, education unions, and associations carry liability insurance, not all plans guarantee coverage for all individuals. Many plans have limits and may not provide any coverage in the event that you are found guilty.


Rates for teacher liability insurance begin at as low as $99 per year for $1 million in coverage. On the other hand, legal fees from lawsuits can run extremely high and have the potential to upend your life.

While there is no way to fully protect an educator’s reputation, liability insurance is essential in this profession. There are too many potential risks to not have some form of coverage. Liability insurance is an inexpensive way to ensure protection for all educators and their families.