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Why You Should Consider Offering Disability Insurance to Your Employees

first rehab insurance

There are many things to include as part of your employee’s benefits package. The types of insurance your business offers the employees varies from only health insurance to including dental, vision, life and disability. Companies such as First Rehab Insurance offer discounts to group plans for disability insurance.

Difficult Decisions

An injured or ill employee can be out for an extended period of time. As a business owner, the proper way to handle the sticky situation only becomes more difficult the longer time passes. Disability insurance is one way to handle the situation before it becomes one.

Income Supplement

Disability insurance helps an employee supplement their lost income when they cannot work due to illness or injury. The insurance is a boon to employers who may struggle with continuing to pay the employee and finding a replacement for the interim. Women often value short-term disability for maternity leave coverage.

Insurance Access

Access to group short-term and long-term disability insurance has increased over the past few years. This makes the premium cost more affordable for small business owners.

Focus on the benefits of enrolling in disability insurance you offer through First Rehab Insurance to get the most participation from employees. The benefits to them and your business should they become disabled for any length of time generally outweigh the costs.