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Why Your Shop Needs Cannabis Coverage


If you run a cannabis shop as your business, it is important to understand why marijuana insurance is necessary. Take a closer look at how having coverage can help you, and why you should not operate without it.

Insurance Tailored to Your Business Needs

Selling, growing, or otherwise dispensing marijuana means your company has specific needs that other types of insurance won’t cover. By having cannabis insurance, you can feel comfortable knowing that your company needs are taken care of with components such as crop insurance, and products liability. You’ll also have general liability too, to help cover your other business needs.

Coverage for Different Workers 

Various areas of the cannabis industry are covered with this type of insurance. For example, if you are involved in transportation, you’ll need insurance that is specific to driving throughout the state. If you cultivate, you’ll want coverage that can help protect you and all your plants, even when you have losses. With cannabis insurance, you can find the right options based on the type of work you perform.

Having coverage for your cannabis business is essential. Not only can you have insurance that meets your unique needs, but it can cover different areas that you’ll encounter based on the type of work you perform within the industry.