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Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Safety should be the highest priority in any type of work environment. Whether it’s an office setting or a construction site, employees need to know that they have access to Personal Protective Equipment should they need or want it in order to feel safe. If you are a manager or supervisor, it’s your responsibility to ensure PPE in the workplace is made available to all your employees.

What is PPE

There are several different kinds of PPE, but generally speaking it is equipment that is worn to minimize someone’s risk of exposure to hazards. Some of the most common items include gloves, respirators and safety glasses. Hard hats and work boots are also commonly used by construction workers. Those who work with loud equipment may choose to wear earplugs.

Types of Hazards

Some of the more common types of hazards include:





Different types of hazards require different types of PPE in the workplace. If the hazard involves falling objects, a hard hat could be beneficial. However, if the hazard is chemical or radiological you might need to wear a full body suit. Employees who work in transportation and need to work on highways and busy streets have unique risks, and should wear brightly colored safety vests at all times.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to analyze all potential risks for a job and supply the appropriate equipment.